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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

Welcome to Southampton University Hillwalking Club

We are the university club that is dedicated to exploring the UK on foot: from casual walks in the local Southampton and Hampshire area to more adventurous walks around the stunning coastlines and National Parks of this fantastic land mass. This website gives you all you need to know about us and more! Like what you see? Then join us for Daywalks, Away Trips, Socials and much much more... Remember to like our Facebook page and add your name to our mailing list (see below) in order to receive details of our upcoming events.

So when are our next events? Check out our Facebook page or Calendar for all the latest event updates. Want reminders? Then join our mailing list! Simply send an email to with ONLY the word "subscribe" in the body of the email. Pressing the link does it all for you, just press send! It doesn't matter what you put the subject as. That's it!

Want to become a member of SUHC? Just come along to any of our frequent daywalks or socials to meet some of our members and the committee! Check out our 2 amazing membership packages on offer!

Got a question? Feel free to email the club at or message our Facebook page, and we will answer your question as soon as possible!

The image below is our Freshers Isle of Wight walk October 2018 where we smashed previous records with over 150 people present!!!

Who are we?

SUHC is a club for Southampton University students who are interested in exploring the UK through walking. Whether it's flat walks through forests, stunning coastal scenery or you fancy scaling a mountain, we cater for all walking interests and experience levels!

We have a very long history (We were founded in 1966, making us one of the oldest student clubs in Southampton University!!) so to avoid any undue confusion, please note that the club has changed names in the past, so any club referred to as the 'Rambling','Walking', 'Hillwalking' or 'Rambling and Hillwalking' Club most probably refers to us!!

SUHC is definitely NOT:
Hard to get into - there are no initiations or special joining ceremonies, all you need to do is come with willingness to have fun!
Competitive - Everyone is welcome, you don't need to prove yourself to enjoy the countryside. However, for people who do want a challenge, we take part in some completely optional competitions.
A small club - we currently have around 80 members, roughly half of which regularly participate in everything we do
A club that requires regular commitment - NO events are compulsory, hence do as much as you want!

In 2016 - the club was founded over 50 years ago!

Got a question not answered on this website? Feel free to get in contact by emailing or post on our Facebook page

What we do

We organise 4 different types of activities at a range of difficulties and terrains. There is always something for everyone! Click the headings below to find out more::

Day Walks: Walks ranging from 12-26k in length that last a day. Transport via train no more than 2 hours.

Away Trips: whole weekend trips, exploring some more remote areas of the UK such as Wales or Scotland.

Socials: Are a chance to meet up with like-minded individuals and have some non-hillwalking related fun! (Some people such as our lovely new president Thomas may think this is impossible)

Competative Events: the club enters teams into 2 extreme outdoor challenges. The Chase Walk and Forest Evasion are both events we attend and have done very well at in the past. Certainly NOT compulsory to attend, but we're always looking for new people to join our teams!

Do you have an idea of a really good walk or activity? Don't keep it to yourself! Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind!

We support Southampton University's Active Travel scheme.: promoting walking as a good way to get around and also to have a great time!

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