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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

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The SUHC 2019/20 Committee

Here are your hillwalking club committee members as elected by you, our loyal Hillwalkers. The club is run entirely by these current students.

Scroll down to see the roles of the individual committee members!


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Thomas Edwards - President

Hi, I'm Thomas and I'm the club's President. My role essentially involves representing the club under the union, organising big events, helping the committee members with their individual jobs and attending as many events as possible!

As you may have worked out, I quite like walking (the more mountainous the better!) and I'm currently working towards my Mountain Leader qualification. If you see me on a walk, probably with a radio and a map, good conversation starters include local history, physics (apparently that's my degree), European travel advice and cycling.


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Natasha Price - Vice President & Secretary

Hi, I'm Natasha and I am a second year Msci biology student. I am the Vice President/Secretary and my role in the club is to handle the administration for the club such as the emails, website and assist Thomas as president. As a trained first aider I hope to bring important life saving skills to the society so the committee and members are able to give first aid to anyone who needs it.

I would like to work towards making this society more accomodating towards people of all walking abilities and devise ways to increase our member numbers as well as paid member benefits. I hope to support all the members of the new committee and wish them luck in their new roles.

I aim to attend the majority of day walks and socials so feel free to come talk to me about anything :) .


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Matthew Durrant - Treasurer

Hello! I'm Matthew, a second year Maths with Statistics student. I'm really excited to be the treasurer for this committee! My role is to manage the money and bank account within the club, and to handle fees for away trips.

Some of my hobbies include performing conservation work, singing in a gospel choir and drawing. Feel free to email me at, message me on Facebook, or see me at any of the walks if you have any questions, money related or otherwise.


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John Holden and Tom Daly - Day Walk Secretaries

Hi, my name is John and I am a secound year electronic engineering student. I have been at the club since I started university and now I want to give back to the club. It my job along with Tom's to organise day walks each week, hopefully making them interesting and enjoyable.

Hi, my name is Tom, I am a first year history student. As someone who has always enjoyed walking, I try to make my walks as interesting as possible - with hills, views and plenty more!


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Jennifer Alston and Mahmoud Ashraf - Away Trip Secretaries

Hello to all fellow walking enthusiasts! My name is Jenny, a Mechatronic engineer to be, and I am one half of the Away Trip Secs this year. Our job is to whisk you away from studying for a weekend and take you to Britain's most treasured parts of the country. Feel free to contact Mahmoud and I about any queries you have, we also hold pay in sessions for each trip so don't be afraid to drop by if you want to speak to us face to face. Elsewhere, you can spot me with my red camera and slight obsession with green (great combo I know) on day walks. One tip I would give you would be to be quick to sign up to away trips; the places literally disappear faster than free pizza!

Hi! I'm Mahmoud, half of the Away-Trips brigade. Our role is to give you a weekend getaway to the country's best hills, mountains and coasts. When I am not doing electronics, I am either walking, or forging a non-existent route on a map; as I have a secret affinity for crossing rivers/bogs, and going off-trails. Don't feel daunted if you have not done any serious hillwalking before, our Away Trips are famously enjoyed by everyone. If you're an experienced walker who is up for a challenge, I also got you covered with trickier mountain routes, winter walking and multi-day wild camping. My main goal is to make the Away Trips an opportunity for dedicated walkers to acquire and improve their skills. Looking forward to meeting you on an Away Trip or a day walk (spoiler: I'm a regular!) and hear your suggestions. As always, don't forget to bring along some biscuits!


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Eilish Hart and William Heritage - Social Secretaries

Add text.


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Fancy being on the committee?

That's great news! The committee is elected in the Spring term of every year at our Annual General Meeting, so come along to that and stand for your desired position! Any current Southampton student can stand for any position (although it is preferable if the candidate(s) for President have been on the SUHC committee previously).

Details of how to stand for committee positions will be posted on our Facebook page at least a month in advance. You don't need experience, all you need is the enthusiasm! Full on-the-job training is provided covering every aspect of your role.


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Previous Years Committee Members (since 2011)


President: Serena Hayes
Secretary/VP: Eilish Hart
Treasurer: Izzy Jordan
Day walk Secretaries: Thomas Edwards and Harry Bourne
Away trip secretaries: Jennifer Alston and Matt Rayner
Social secretaires: Hannah Wenman and Shaun Craig


President: Tom Veall
Secretary/VP: Joseph Hindmarsh
Treasurer: Eilish Hart
Day Walk Secretaries: James Marshall and Teodor Nistor
Away Trip Secretaries: Serena Hayes and Byron Theobald
Social Secretaries: Izzy Jordon and Rosie Beedham

2016-17 (50th Anniversary Year)

President: Matt Clark
Secretary/VP: Pete Felton
Treasurer: Artur Fernandes
Day Walk Secretaries: Tom Veall and James Marshall
Away Trip Secretaries: Jacob Middleton and Arshad Emmambux
Social Secretaries: Zelie Seddon and Olivia Burbridge


President: Owen Johnson
Secretary: Max Hodgkins
Treasurer: Steph Breuer
Day Walk Secretaries: Venu Varatharajan and Matt Clark
Away Trip Secretaries: Katherine Palmer and Jake Rowland
Social Secretaries: Charlotte Newton and Joe Warmington


President: Peter Forrest
Secretary: Tom Masheder
Treasurer: Owen Johnson
Day Walk Secretaries: Charlotte Newton and Matt Clark
Away Trip Secretaries: Katherine Palmer and James Holyhead
Social Secretaries: Tom Candy and Joe Warmington


President: Tom Candy
Secretary: Freya Garry
Treasurer: Tom Masheder
Day Walk Secretaries: Tom Duckham and Ben Culpin
Away Trip Secretaries: Luke Brown and Peter Forrest
Social Secretaries: Emma Wilsher and Joe Warmington


President: Joshua Price
Secretary: Sonja Edwards
Treasurer: Nigel Dundas
Day Walk Secretaries: Sarah Dixon and Vicky Cox
Away Trip Secretaries: Tristan Balcombe and James Bennett
Social Secretaries: Jennifer Warhurst and Tom Candy


President: Jennifer Warhurst
Secretary: Tim Daly
Treasurer: Alex Robinson
Day Walk Secretaries Rachael Evans and Matt Leivers
Away Trip Secretaries: Chris Wood and Joshua Price
Social Secretaries: Danielle Waters and Sophie

Before 2011 the records get a little fuzzy, apologies....