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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

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Forest Evasion

Forest Evasion is our annual competition with an aim of meeting and interacting with other like minded clubs. This page is designed to give an overview of what to expect from the competition, full rules will be sent to participants ahead of the competition.

The Competition

A 24 hour competition designed to appeal to outdoor societies. Teams are either 'Evaders' or 'Catchers'. The Evaders task is to navigate between a number of given checkpoints while the Catchers attempt to stop them. Each time a Catching team catches and Evading team they gain points and the Evaders lose a life. Ultimately the teams with the most lives and the most points after 24 hours are the winners.

When is it?

The 2017 competition will take place on the weekend of 21st-23rd April.


We're doing things differently this year and are heading to Thetford Forest!

More details

Further info will be issued nearer the event, you can sign up below to ensure you recive information or check back here. Check out the official website HERE.


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The competition first ran in 2012, the winners to date are as follows:


2013 - Southampton University Hillwalking Club Peter Forrest

2014 - Southampton University Hillwalking Club Joe Warmington

2015 - Southampton University Hillwalking Club (Tom Masheder, Tom Candy, Jake Rowland)

2016 - ???


2013 Southampton's Duke of Edinburgh Society (Rachel Manson, Charlotte Callaway, Alex Manning, Georgia Howes)

2014 Bath University Mountaineering Club (David Clare, Jon Ridley, Strachan McCormick, Martin MacDonald)

2015 Cambridge University Hillwalking Club (Philip Withnall, Vicky Ward, Joe Hobbs, Chris Arran, Tom Leach)

2016 ???


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2015 Infographic

An infographic on FE3: