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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

Available memberships

This year 2018-2019 we had 232 members in total, 67 paid and 165 unpaid. This is amazing as it is a 173% increase from last year (85 in total). We hope to beat our membership numbers again this year!

SUHC offers 2 forms of memberships:

Free Day Walk Only membership (Costs nothing): as the title suggests, it's completely free! Use this membership to come on our day walks and socials. However, you CANNOT attend Away Trips. This membership lasts a lifetime and provides insurance on walks. The more members we have the more money we get from SUSU for better events so get signing!!

Paid Membership, 1 year (£20) or Paid membership for half a year (£10): You'll need this to have the privilege of attending our Away Trips (for insurance purposes). Comes with the additional benefits of discounts on any paid social events and club merchandise/clothing and this year (2019) we hope to provide further benefits for new paid members.

To obtain your valuable membership: you can pay or sign up through the SUSU website/box office. If you have any further questions, contact us via email or Facebook and we'll help you the best we can.

So what does your membership fee do for the club? Your money is put towards buying and maintaining club kit such as tents, camping and safety equipment and maps of our walk locations, and for subsidising the cost of our away trips, day walks and fancy socials ;) so it will be worth your while.

University Staff, Alumni, Erasmus or non-student? Read on...

If you fall into ANY of these categories, please speak to the committee before purchasing membership. Do NOT attempt to buy online!

As a SUSU affiliated club, paid members must also be members of the Union. Erasmus students, don't panic! This is automatic. University staff, alumni and non-Southampton students, you need to purchase Union affiliate or lifetime membership. Please ask at the Union Box Office/reception for further details.

For Erasmus and other 1-semester exchange students studying at the university, we offer a 1-semester membership for half price (£10). This is available direct from the SUSU box office website per normal.

As per our open Day Walk policy/free day walk membership, people in the above categories may still attend any and all of our Day Trips. Doing so, you acknowledge that you may not be covered for personal injury in the absence of a SUHC membership.