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Away Trips

Around six times a year the club ventures out from the South to visit different parts of the UK. This can be the mountains, the National Parks, the coast - we basically look for the most beautiful places to walk!

These whole weekend 'Away Trips' typically cost £40 - £60 inclusive of minibus travel, bunkhouse accommodation and meals from Saturday morning to Sunday lunch. We leave from the university campus at 18:00 on a Friday and typically return very late on Sunday.

The walks that are led each day will depend on the walk leaders we have and the groups we are leading. Typically they will include an option for a hill or mountain walk (often climbing the highest local summit) and an alternative though on smaller trips we may only run one walk.

A couple of times a year we organise longer trips, usually during the Easter and Summer breaks. These will cost more due to the higher accommodation costs. Occasionally we break out the club tents too and go camping!

There are a few extra pieces of personal equipment you need to go on an Away Trip. These are: This is in addition to normal day walk kit. Some trips may require extra kit (such as camping trips) so always use the full kit lists provided in the trip emails to pack.
All of the above are available at reasonable prices online and at discount sports shops such as Decathlon or Go Outdoors.
BMC Guide to Hillwalking
The British Mountaineering Council, the governing association for Hillwalkers has produced this guide for walking in hillier and mountainous regions of the UK. It's recommended reading for anyone coming on our Away Trips (Note that we are not affiliated to the BMC).

Interested? Our trips are advertised via the mailing list (subscribe by sending an email to and on our Facebook page. To sign up to a particular trip, you'll need to use our sign up page.


The Minibus Mix

Minibuses have speakers. Speakers mean music. While the choice of music is down to each particular driver, often you'll hear our current default playlist, the minibus mix. at over 38 hours long, with 550+ songs, the full version available here tends not to repeat that often. Every trip it gains a few more songs from trip-goers.