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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

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If you are signed up to the mailing list, you will get a reminder email about every event listed on the calendar (and more!) with all the details about when to meet and what to take. Instructions for joining the mailing list are available on the homepage. This webpage will also be constantly updated as more events and dates are added, so make sure to keep checking back.

As a general rule, Day Walks happen every Saturday during term time, and Away Trips happen twice per term. Socials are usually held weekly, or at least bi-weekly during busy periods such as exams.

Disclaimer: exam and term dates may not be correct and the club accepts no responsibility if you don't check them with the University.

Never miss our events again!! For all our upcoming walks and events to be automatically added to your own online calendar, simply press the "+" at the bottom right of the calendar frame :)

As an outdoor group, our walks and event details may be subject to change at short notice, particulary when bad weather is forecast. We advise you check our Facebook page for the latest updates!


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Do you have event suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for the club to do anything interesting - be it walking, social, Away Trip or not at all related please contact us via Facebook or on - what's the worst we can do? Well... say no I suppose but that's not very likely!