Not content with day walks, away trips, and socials we like to add even more to the mix and bring you the odd adventure. Our adventures encompass a wide range of activities. They're 'Something a little different' that hillwalkers may like to muck in and have a go at. This can inlcude orienteering, camping, walks to some weirder wackier places, races, and many more. If it's too much walking to be called a social and too unusual to be called a day walk/away trip - then we're calling it an adventure. And it sure will be!

Tap the sections below for info of adventures finished so far. This is a new role but they'll be plenty more to come!:

This event invovles heading off to a specific location to find and the answer to a puzzle! This is a team activity and will test your map reading and navigation skills, though don't worry, you don't need any experience!

Our Camping trimps involve overnight stays in campsites and other places throughout the UK. They work similarly to away trips, though invovle less longer walks and more activities, and of course a very different type of accomodation! Shanklin in the Isle of Wight was the last location for one of these.

As this is a new department, not many adventures have happened yet. However there will be a lot more different types of evetns in the future so please be on the look out!

Equipment: What kit do I need for your adventures?

Our adventures can cover a whole range of experiences so the kit can be very varied! We'll always let you knwo what you need each time - but as with all club events it's a good idea to make sure you atleast have:

*By 'sturdy shoes', we mean footwear that you are happy to get muddy, with sufficient grip on the soles and ankle support. If in doubt, walking shoes/boots are available from sports wear shops such as Decathlon and Go Outdoors in Southampton for very reasonable prices. Inevitably, someone (or many people) will turn up with inappropriate footwear and have less fun on the walk as a result. Don't let that be you -it also frustrates us! Ask us if you're not sure :)