Membership & FAQs

What types of membership are there?

Note that to join the club on SUSU's website you must be a member of the union. This is automatic for all students (including Erasmus) of the uni. Alumni and non-students should get in touch about their options and how to obtain a Union affiliate membership.

You do not need Sports and Wellbeing membership for anything we do - unless you are a member of another sports club we would actively advise against it!

What do you spend membership fees on?

This is up to each committee but generally the membership fees are spent on club kit (tents, safety equipment maps etc), subsidising Away Trips and one off special trips, and other expenses such as food at socials.

Can I join the club mailing list?

Yep, simply send an email saying so to At the moment emails are added manually but you are able to unsubscribe via a link at any point. There are approximately two emails a week.

Do I need to sign up for Day Walks?

No, simply meet us at the station about twenty minutes before our train departs (this gives you have time to buy a ticket).

What kit do I need for your Day walks? Do I need to be an experienced walker?

You do not need to be experienced, just prepared and able to walk for at least a few hours. All you need are sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, a raincoat if rain is predicted, a packed lunch, at least 500ml of water and a valid train ticket.

By 'sturdy shoes' we mean footwear that you are happy to get muddy, with sufficient grip on the soles. If in doubt, walking shoes are available from sports wear shops such as Decathlon and Go Outdoors for very reasonable prices. Inevitably someone (or many people) will turn up with insufficient footwear and have less fun on the walk as a result. Don't let that be you -it also frustrates us! Ask us if you're not sure.

Are Away Trips more difficult?

Away Trips are designed for the regular walker, someone who regularly attends our Day Walks. Walks on these trips are typically shorter but tougher and the signup is not selective, so it is up to you to check you are capable of the walks, especially on trips to mountainous areas. Note that the kitlist (detailed in trip publicity) is more comprehensive and you will require walking boots.

This can not be emphasised enough! Poor footwear can cause accidents, delays and makes walk leading less enjoyable. It doesn't matter if you are comfortable with the shoes you have, please follow the kit requirements.

Are Expeditions open to anyone?

Yes, but note that our more advanced trips and events may be more limited and selective due to the need to have more responsible leaders. Selection is entirely at the discression of the Expeditions Secretary and the club President.

How old is the club?

The club was founded in the 1966/67 academic year, making it one of the oldest continuously active clubs in the university. We have gone through various iterations and names (we were originally the Rambling club and adopted our current name in 1999).

Some of our walks, such as the Isle of Wight walk, have taken place annually for over thirty years in essentially the same format!

Can I look at some of the club's history?

Of course! We maintain our own archive in both a digital and paper form- passed down over the years between Presidents. You can view the full public archive here.

How do I join the committee?

Every year we hold an Annual Meeting (AGM) to vote on the new committee. This typically takes place in mid March and all members are entitled to vote. Some roles are more competitive than others, but get involved with club events and focus on one or two roles and there's a good chance you'll get elected!

This bar shows how far through the committee year we are...

Why are you obsessed with tiny sheep?

No one is quite sure, not least our Presidents who look after them. It seems that each successive committee elevates the soft toys (available online btw) to new levels. Anyone interested in the formation of organised religion would do well to study them.

Holly and Hilly are above mere mortals such as the Committee. They must be treated as such.