Every week or two, we offer socials! These events come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from days out, film nights, formals and pub crawls. This part of the club is our more social side, where we get the chance to meet up otuside of walks to catch up, mess around and overall of a good time! We offer a diverse range of socials, with and wihtout alchol, and these are open to anyone (no paid membrship necessary).

Tap the sections below for info on some of the socials we offer:

These usually occur every Christmas an Easter, and sometimes more often than this. These events involve us going out somewhere nice to eat, whering formal cloathes! In the past some places we have been on formals include: Cowheards, Papillion and Cosmo.

Another one of our socials, we often visit Sprinkles (or other dessert places) in Portswood to induldge in some sweet treats!

This Purrfect social invovles us going to the Cat Cafe in Romsey! This cafe allows you to mingle with cats and catch up with eachother. A great social for animal lovers!

A popular social where we book out a lecutre theatre and watch a film on the big screen, no need to pay for tickets! Films can be requested, snacks are not provided so please bring your own!

A tactical social, this one involves a vist to Board in the City, a board game cafe! With a wide collection of games and refreshments also available, this social can make (or break) freidnships!

Equipment: What kit do I need for your Socials

Very little! All you need to bring is yourself, though you may potnetially want to bring a few other things: