Club Records

While we're certainly not the most competitive club, occasionally there are achievements or events worth making a note of. What follows is a collection of some of those, compiled from recent memory.

Best weather

Cornwall 2018

Sunburn all round from the summer camping trip to Penwith.

Longest club AGM

Likely SUHC AGM 2021 - 4 Hours (Online)

Probably the longest question sessions the club had ever seen.

The AGM also featured a high presidential turn out with five past/present/future presidents turning up! (Shown middle & left)

Largest puddle

Pangbourne Day Walk - February 2020

It was referred to as Death Puddle, we knew what we were signing up for.

Longest group day walk

Southampton - Christchurch (70km) - Alex, Alan, Giulia, Amit, Oliver

Usurping the old record by 3km.This group of extreme Hillwalkers led by Oliver managed to to achieve a stunning 70km distance in one day. To quote Alex remarked the walk as "pure pain". But hopefully the group consisting of Alex, Alan, Giulia, Amit, and Oliver's new place in the SUHC records makes up for it. That is unless someone else beats it by 3km.

Longest solo walk in a day

Farley Mount (67km) - Nicholas

Nicholas's epic solo walk during lockdown eclipses everything but his 95k overnight walk the year before.

Most calories consumed in a single meal

5400 kcal - ?

Probably the most valued award in SUHC, prospective record breakers must be witnessed to consume their calories within a single pub visit.

Most SUHC related group chats


This award goes to the person who has ended up in the most online group chats related to SUHC. A niche award, but one that reflects their organisational abilities.

Wettest walk

Isle of Wight 2019

Nothing has come close, it was a deluge.

Best lunch spot

Carn Beag Dearg/ Ben Nevis North Face

On the CMD Arete route, Scotland 2019.

Least bridge like bridge

Steall Falls Cable Bridge

It wouldn't be too difficult to build a proper bridge, but where would the fun be in that?

Least appealing bunkhouse

Bryn Tyrch Bunkbarn

It's a barn, definitely a barn. (This photo is a publicity photo from after it was redone).

Best Spoons

The Imperial - Exeter

Is it too glamourous for a Spoons? Either way, the perfect stop off on a South West trip.

Windiest walk

Beinn na Lap - Corrour Winter Trip

Estimated to be 80mph gusts - making this probably the windiest we've seen.

Boggiest walk

Byron's Bog Walk, Snowdonia 2017

A very soggy walk around the reservoir north of Capel Curig.

Lowest walk attendance

Chichester Mar 2015 - 3

This record is solely for normal term time official day walks. This particular walk was the same weekend as the Chase walk which many club regulars were taking part in.

Highest walk attendance

Isle of Wight 2018 - 155

The IOW walk at the beginning of the year has always been popular - so much so that it's been run as the same route every year since at least the late 80s. The 2018 edition didn't start off with great weather, but attracted many, many freshers.

Prince of Ticks

7 on Jack Davis

It may have been a short walk, but 7 of the blood suckers attatched themselves to Jack on the Chandlers' Ford to Southampton route, Sunday 5th June 2022. Including one which breached his socks and ended up between the toes... Let's hope this is a record that's NOT broken!

Slayer of Ticks

30 attatched to Em Smith

"Funnily enough I was trying to discuss how to properly remove ticks. I then looked lovingly down upon my right calf to see 30 of the little b******."

We do note that Em did manage to get all of them off within an hour!