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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

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Day Walks: Key Information

Every Saturday during term time (apart from Away Trip weekends) the club has a walk in the local area. Day walks are great fun and we don't charge you a thing - so no excuses not to come! Details of the daywalk are emailed out to everyone on the club mailing list and Facebook page some time the week before. Previous walk areas include:

- The New Forest
- The Isle of Wight
- Romsey
- West Dean
- Salisbury, including Stonehenge
- Winchester

The list goes on and we are always open to new suggestions!

We also occasionally do special Day Trips. These are usually slightly further away and involve us hiring a minibus for the day (so there is usually a charge). Previous locations involve the Dorset Jurassic Coast (including the stunning Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove) and the Isle of Wight.

If you are going to be a regular day walker, consider the following:

- Young Person's Railcard - 1/3 off your train ticket if you are under 25 or are a full time student. Information on obtaining a young person's railicard can be found by visiting the Railcard Website.
- Join the Club - You don't have to be a member of the club to come, but you will get a 25% refund on your rail ticket (at the Railcard discount price, on top of the saving from Railcard!)

Important! Please read the safety info - Like all outdoor persuits, walking can become dangerous if done without careful consideration. We are required to provide details of our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to yourself and others to keep everyone safe. This can all be found on our rules page. It also contains details of the club's insurance cover. By coming on any of our walks or events, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our rules and safety disclaimer.


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Upcoming daywalks

Information about upcoming daywalks can be found by clicking on the "Calendar" link on the left of the page. Also, don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page.

To keep yourself in the loop about daywalks, simply add yourself to the club mailing list. This is done by sending an email with the word "subscribe" in the body to


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Heading out on your first daywalk? We reckon you should have the following stuff with you:

Walking boots, or at least strong comfortable shoes. Please do not wear Ugg boots (yes it has happened!!) or similar fashion footwear - you will be uncomfortable and they are likely to be ruined. If it has been raining be prepared to get your shoes muddy
Waterproofs - Waterproof coats are essential and waterproof trousers are strongly recommended. We do try and book good weather, but it doesn't always work!! DON'T bring umbrellas as these are known to blow away in the wind and could injure you or others
Packed lunch - crucial to any day! Also consider nice treats for the committee, always goes down well...
Cash - for a well earned drink at the end, and the train ticket.
Plenty to drink, especially if it is going to be hot and sunny - not alcohol, against club rules, save it for the pub at the end!
Student Railcard if you have one - get more money back
Camera - to photograph x and y falling in the mud
Rucksack - simple thing we know, but sometimes forgotten. You will be carrying it all day so it plastic bag really won't suffice
Sunglasses and sun cream - because it is going to be sunny... positive attitude!
Sensible clothing - jeans are a really bad idea, so is going naked... we are a friendly club but not quite that friendly!
Official ID (for those who want alcohol at the pub) - all this walking makes you look younger than you are, so if you want a drink it's best to pack a drivers licence or passport!


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Getting Your Money Back...... the best bit!

How the train ticket refunds system works in 8 easy steps*:

1. Go on a daywalk
2. Take Young Persons Railcard
3. Buy return ticket
4. Write your name on OUT bound ticket (or you cant get home!!!)
5. Give ticket to the treasurer
6. Your refund (25%) will be put into your unique SUHC 'account'
7. Use this just like money to pay for away trips etc or ..
8. See the treasurer to receive a cash refund
Basically, make sure you keep at least one of your tickets and hand in within two weeks of the walk! *Full paid membership required.


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Recommended safety guide for walkers

"New Hill Walkers" is a introductory free guide and safety manual published by The British Mountaineering Council (© BMC 2016). SUHC is NOT a BMC-affiliated club.