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Southampton University Hillwalking Club

Club Constitution

The new Club Constitution was voted in on 30/05/14. The document can be viewed here.

Club Rules

We are a very friendly and casual club, and this page summarises our only serious side. So take a deep breath and PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS PAGE CAREFULLY as attendance of our walks and events indicates acceptance and understanding of these rules. These rules act as our "terms and conditions of attendance" at all our activities.

Walking/hiking can be a dangerous activity as with all outdoor persuits. As a club, we are required to inform you of the risks involved and to minimise these risks as much as possible. These rules and appendecies have been developed for this purpose, as well as to set out our policies concerning Away Trip and Special Event places.

If there is anything you are uncomfortable with or require clarification on, please contact the committee before signing up or attending our events.

- The Committee shall ensure that the Club owns and maintains all communal equipment deemed necessary for the safe functioning of the Club.
- The Committee shall ensure that all risks are assessed and minimised before the events, and a yearly review of the Club's Risk Assessment is conducted.
- All members should be made aware of the risks inherent in any Club activities before and during any event.
- An inventory of Club equipment and a record of its use, particularly as regards ropes will be undertaken at least annually.
- On Away Trips and Day Walks a Competent Leader (see Appendix I) should lead all parties.
- All parties should not consist of less than 3 individuals or less than one Competent Leader per ten individuals, except in the case of accidents or emergencies.
- All members shall exercise reasonable judgement into their ability to undertake the activity and should take all appropriate personal equipment (See Appendix III). Communal equipment to be carried by leaders (See Appendix II).
- All members should behave in a respectable manner towards all other party members, onlookers and the environment.
- All members should express any concern for the activity to the party leader before attempting activity.
- All members should listen to and act upon any instructions given by the Committee or a selected Competant Leader (See Appendix IV).
- No Club member is to be forced into a situation in which they feel uncomfortable or at risk.
- All full paid members of SUHC must also be full members of the Student Union to be covered by any insurance. This includes university staff and non-student members. Full membership is compulsory for Away Trips. Current registered students at Southampton University are automatically members of the Student Union so require no further action. It is YOUR responsibility to check if you are a member of the Student Union before signing up for an Away Trip. We (the club and committee) will not be liable for ANY costs incurred by you if you are not a member.
- Away Trip spaces are limited and first-come-first-served. You MUST sign up through the official form and inform us ASAP if you are unable to go. Turning up to an Away Trip without signing up is not allowed.
- Payment for Away Trips can only be refunded in full if another person takes your place, or the event is cancelled by the committee due to circumstances outside the committee's control.
- Non-payment of any trip fees without good reason BEFORE Away Trips and/or other events where payment is nessesary will result in your forefit of the space and your space being given to a person on any waiting list. Repeated non-payment will result in you being banned from ALL Club activities.
- By attending walks and events, members aknowledge photography and filming may take place at any time and that any recorded images and video may be used by the Club for Club promotional purposes on all media channels. Please inform us if you have any objections to you being in photos.

Last updated October 2016, to reflect on the updated Union insurance cover guidance

Appendix I: Competent Leaders

A competent leader must be appointed by the Committee or by an experienced member of the Club chosen by the Committee.
He/she must be able to demonstrate that they:
i. are a competent navigator;
ii. are able to plan a route suitable to the group they are leading;
iii. Have knowledge of their legal and moral responsibility to the group they are leading and to other hill users;
iv. Show a knowledge of and be able to use the basic equipment which is appropriate to the expedition which is planned;
v. Show a knowledge of accident and emergency procedures as shown is "Safety in The Mountains"
vi. Have a good basic knowledge of mountain first aid techniques;
vii. Have experience in the hills and at leading groups of novices (N.B. It is recommended that any potential leaders read 'Mountaincraft and Leadership' by Eric Langmuir for a good synthesis of the above).

It is the responsibility of the leader to see that the members of the party are properly equipped (as suggested in Appendix III) and are physically fit enough for the walk being undertaken.
It is the responsibility of the leader to ensure that the correct communal equipment is taken as detailed in Appendix II.

Appendix II: Communal equipment

This is Club Kit, carried by Committee or selected Competent Leaders. Individual club members are NOT expected to have this.

Summer/low level:
Maps 1:10
Compass 1:10
Survival bag 1:10
First Aid kit (Lifesystems mountain kit, or equivalent)
Emergency rations
*Two-way radio (1 per group leader)
Winter/high level:
Maps 1:5
Compass 1:5
Whistle 1:2
Survival bag 1:2
Torch + Batteries 1:5
First Aid kit (Lifesystems mountain kit, or equivalent)
Emergency rations
Emergency shelter
*Rope (at least 8mm and 25m length)
*Two-way radio (1 per group leader)
Sleeping bag/duvet jacket (per leader)
Spare gloves

* To be carried by leader and/or group members when deemed necessary by event leader (or where concern is raised and assessed by a Club member) taking into account terrain, event attendance and weather conditions.

Appendix III: Personal Equipment

This is kit we expect our members to have for our walks. If you have any difficulty in sourcing any of the below, please speak to the committee

Summer/low level:
Day Rations (lunch + snacks)
**Walking Boots
Walking Socks
Trousers (not jeans)
Sweater/Fleece + spare
Winter/high level:
Day rations (lunch + snacks)
**Walking Boots
Walking socks
Trousers (not jeans)
Underclothes/ thermals
2 sweaters/ fleece
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Warm Hat (not a baseball cap)
Gloves (+ overmitts?)
Personal first aid kit (preferably)
Water/ hot drink

**Trainers or "sturdy shoes" are also accepted on Day Walks. For Away Trips, you MUST have proper walking boots.

Members of a party are encouraged to bring along mobile phones if they own them, but this is not to be considered essential personal equipment for either day walks or away trips. Committee will carry at least 1 mobile phone and/or radio per group. For all personal kit guidance, please see our kit lists here or contact the Committee.

Generally if a higher level quality of equipment will be required, it is the responsibility of the Committee or leader to judge this.

Appendix IV: Walk and Event Terms of Attendance and Safety Disclaimer

Like all sports and outdoor persuits, walking can at times be dangerous. The Committee have a duty of care to the club's members and regulary assess the risks involved before and during any of our regular walks and social events. We have prepared these rules and appendices so you, the members, know what is required and expected of both you and the group leaders. We are a very casual and friendly club, but at times we do need to issue instructions during our walks and events to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The SUHC Committee and selected Competent Leaders CANNOT accept any liability for loss or injury to you or your property caused by failure to follow instructions provided by the Committee or Competent Leaders during walks and events.

The Committee and selected Competent Leaders have complete control, and their word is final. Walks may be adjusted or cancelled at short notice to ensure the safety of members and leaders in the event of extreme weather events or other circumstances outside the Club's control (eg: disruption to the transportation network, natural and man-made disasters etc...). Members are therefore advised to check their emails and/or our Facebook page on a regular basis before meeting with the group for alterations to the walks or planned events.

Please note that whilst we always strive to have all our walks lead by first aid trained people, we are unable to guarentee this as evidence of first aid training is not required to be a committee member or leader.

All Southampton University registered current students are covered by insurance provided by Southampton University Student Union. Cover includes personal injury and public liability. For full details, speak to a Union representative at their help desk. To be FULLY covered in the unlikely event of an accident or incident on one of our walks, you MUST be a fully paid member of our club as we keep no written record for our Free Day Walk Membership. Day Walks will remain completely free to attend (even without being a paid member). However, it is compulsory to pay our club membership fee to participate in any Away Trip (for insurance purposes). Non-students, University Staff and Alumni should be aware that to be covered by Union Southampton's club and society insurance cover, you MUST purchase Union "Affiliate" or "Lifetime" membership from them as well as paying our club membership fee. Please enquire at the reception/box office in Building 40.

By attending our walks and events, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all rules and appendices and agree to them.

Phew, serious bits over now... Back to walking! :)