Alex Bincalar

The Crazy One

Adventure Sec 2024/25

Studies: Some computer themed stuff(PHD)
Origins: Essex
Ask me about: Handstands
Usually heard saying: Mountains are better than people
Favourite Walk: Anything...So long as its long

Pres Report Card:

Alex truly puts the 'Adventure' into 'Adventure sec'. His excursions on multiple day walks to do. . . even more walking are testament to his insanity. Now in his new committee role unlucky hillwalkers will share in his extreme hiking desires. Alex never mentions how many pairs of legs he gets through a week as a result, but I would reckon it is at least 3 (that or he's actually part machine. Explains the fact why he is never tired). Alongside ultra length walks Alex will also take over our tamer events like treasure hunt where only one pair of legs are required.