Ed Turner

Even older history one

Social Sec 2024/25

Studies: Archaeology (3rd year)
Origins: Bedfordshire
Ask me about: Rome
Usually heard saying: Incomprehensible Latin
Favourite Walk: Somewhere Roman

Pres Report Card:

Ed loves to talk about history, if you have a question about Rome he is your man. He also likes history that is too old for our resident president historian to touch. Therefore, Ed's obsession with early man is an illegitimate study of history as I decree it. Thankfully for him Ed has thought of this caveat and taken up a degree in archaeology not history, circumventing the president's wrath. Ed is also a thinker who is under the belief that the mediaeval era had more culture than the Greeks and Romans (It did not). Aside from these misdeeds Ed is an excellent bantmeister (banter master) and will bring said bants to the plethora of socials he will run. And tell you why pointy flint is cool too.