Matt Clark

The Wise Elder

Away Trip Sec, 2021 - 22

President, 2016 - 17

Day Walk Sec, 2014 - 16

Studies: PhD Researcher - Physical Oceanography, 2018 - Present
MSci Oceanography, 2013 - 17.
Favourite walking destination: Coastal walks prefereable. But loves anywhere with a variety of landscape, terrain and wildlife.
Walking boots: Scarpa Ranger 2 Actives GTX
Ask him about: Anything and everything SUHC. Happy to reminisce about how much the Club has/has not changed over the years...
Not so secret fact: I've been here a while... I joined the Club back in 2013, when I started as an Undergraduate. This is due to the fact that I am exceedingly old. Also I'm a local (originally from Winchester), so know lots of local walking routes.
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Photo of Matt in the Polish Tatras

Pres says:

Hillwalking wouldn't be Hillwalking without the omnipresent Matt, to whom it is a privilege to welcome back onto the committee! Familiar with seemingly everything hillwalking related, he'll be a perfect guide for our first Away Trips in over a year!

Matt says:

Yes, it just so happens that I am back on the Committee for a 4th year! Honestly, after a 4 year break, I never thought I'd be saying those words... My aim for this Committee year is to help the Club rebuild in a post-pandemic world. I'm a big advocate for wider outdoor access for all and I want to help engage as many new people as we possibly can. If I can help inspire the next generation to stand for Committee positions, that would be great too! I'm keen on engaging with similar clubs and the wider walking, hiking and outdoor community. I'm a longstanding supporter and follower of our voluntary rescue services, who will selflessly come to our aid should we ever need it (thankfully, I've never had to use their services!). Whilst I'm Away Trip Sec, no doubt you'll see me attend many of the Club's events across the board so please do introduce yourselves!