Matthew Durrant

Durrant Bun

Social Secretary 2021/22 and 2022/23

Treasurer 2019/20

Studies: The World, in the hope of making it a better place
Favourite walking destination: The New Forest, so I can pet the shetland poines!
Ask me about: Maths, plushies & the latest memes
Interesting Fact: I like to make plushies!
Not so secret fact: Is often seen holding hands with Previous Day Walk Sec James
Photo of Matthew

Pres says:

The ever-enthusiastic, brilliantly friendly Matthew is already at home with his new position and has a fantastic ability to think outside the box - expect lots of new and exciting socials!

Vice Pres Report Card:

Matthew is a keen, friendly memeber of the group who gets on well with his peers. Although his favourite peers appear to be all the passing doggies.

Matthew says:

What's that firewood for?