Stewart Miller


Vice President 2024/25

Studies: Mechanical Engineering (MA, hopefully)
Origins: Poole
Ask me about: Best places to dip your feet
Usually seen: With a lovely fairey light backpack
Favourite Walk: Anything with water
Photo of Stewart

Pres Report Card:

Back again in his favourite Vice President position, Stewarts aim is to get his 1 year VP service badge, little did he know that he will never get this badge as it does not exist and his efforts are all in vain. Stewarts natural habitat is the coastline, as he is from Poole every body of water is a pool(e) to him. You will see this VP taking a little dip in any bit of water he can find, often at the expense of not eating his lunch. Aside from his aquatic affinity Stewart will also be in charge of our club emails, writing lovely little letters to all hillwalkers who wish to hear what events we have in store.