Tash Clark

Sorts the Mews from Moos

Day Walk Sec 2024/25

Studies: History (3rd year)
Origins: Wiltshire
Ask me about: Farmy things
Usually heard saying: Debating Ed why Roman history is objectively better
Favourite Walk: Public footpaths that go through her house

Pres Report Card:

Hailing from the West Country Tash continues the reestablished history student dynasty in the club, and will play a key role in the history student takeover of the club. Aside from this Tash's farmyard background allows her to operate all kinds of cool machinery, an invaluable asset if a minibus or hillwalker gets stuck in the mud. The resulting knowledge of farm animals will also be a great asset to the club, allowing us to finally decipher the cows from the coos and moos from mews.