Website Credits

Whilst it may be very difficult to credit all those who have been responsible for updating and maintaining the website, I sure will try

Tom Daly

- Updated the committee page to include the 2021-22 committee (Spring 2021)

- Updating some committee profile elements (Spring 2021)

- Content refresh on parts of the website (2021-22)

Cherish Liu

- Added new committee profiles for 2021-22 committee (Spring 2021)

- Website maintenance and content refresh (2021-22))

Thomas Edwards

- Added many little cool secrets such as the famous 'Stiles wih Style' page (Spring 2020)

- Substantial work done to tidy and modernise the website, taking it into a new era! Thomas implemented Bootstrap 4 into the website, bringing a powerful new nav bar and look.(Spring 2020)

- Content refresh on the whole of the website (Spring 2019)

Will Heritage

- Thoroughly enjoyed creating the Club's new Day Walk Event Sign Up pages. This has allowed the Club to operate under COVID rules (Summer 2020).

- Added to the home page; sesonal themed logos and random quotes. (Winter 2020)

- Generally keeping the website in tip top shape (End Spring 2021)

- Updating the COVID Club announcements on the home page (End Spring 2021)

Natasha Price

- Content refresh on most of the website (Spring 2019)

Serena Hayes

- Large content refresh on the whole website (Spring 2018)

Matt Clark

- Re-written the way the website displays it's wonderful committee colours and other stylings: simplified the process into a CSS (custom stylesheet), which will allow future committees to make seamless stylistic changes with a few small edits (Feb 2021)

- Reformatting of the Membership/FAQ and Rules pages to make them easier (and friendlier!) to read than 1 large unordered lump of text. (Feb 2021)

- Suggested and implemented a "What's On" box for the home page to showcase our lockdown events (Feb 2021)

- (virtually) poking Will... (never ending)

Jack Davis

- Apart from all the regular updates, such as updating the committee page, I created the adventures page with Jennie and updated everything expedition related to adventure related (Apr 2023)

- Like the good president I am I fufilled my campaign promise and replaced the calender page with a Kit Hire page (Calender was moved to front page per Stewart's request) (Sep 2023)

- Updated the Mail signup system (Jul 2023)

- Replaced Thomas' minibus mix with my own... (Mar 2023)

Ben Samue-Camps

- All I have done is do the same old updates as thats all I can fathom, dont hate the player hate the history degree

Chris Wood and Pete Forrest

- Who could forget our old retired website? These two former committee members were the force behind it, and also created the original Away Trip online sign up system.

...And you?

If you have contributed to the website before, and your name is missing. Please notify me on :)